When I was 13 years old, I took my first flying lesson and I knew aviation was my passion. I pursue that passion today as a CFI and an FAA software Designated Engineering Representive (DER). Since 2010 I have owned a 1981 turbonormalized A36 Bonanza with dual Aspens EFIS displays and a UPS-AT/Apollo/Garmin CNX80/GNS 480. In that time, I have acculumated over 1800 hours of total time and over 1200 hours of Bonanza time.

As a CFI, I specialize in Bonanza transition training and helping my students get the most from the amazing machine that Walter Beech designed in 1947. In 2018, I earned the ABS BPPP instructor acreditation and my teaching curriculum is based on the BPPP materials. However, like every pilot every Bonanza is different and I tailor my teaching to the specific needs of the student and the airplane taking into account engine, airframe, and avionics configurations. In addition, as an avonics software DER and the former director of software engineering at BendixKing I bring unique prespective to helping my students understand complex glass panels and GPS navigators.

I am also experienced ferry pilot and I have moved numerous Bonanzas from coast to coast. I take pride in delivering your new aircraft to you with frequent updates during the trip and a detailed report of any issues or quirks noted at the end of the trip. My home base near Austin, TX provides convenient access to both sides of country, saving you time and money.

I have a BS and MS in electrical engineering and have been working in the embedded software world since 2000. As a software DER, I specialize in working with Part 23 (small airplanes) and Part 27 (small helicopters) general aviation companies. I enjoy working with these companies as they bring forward the next generation of products to the everyday pilot. I work with my clients to ensure that they build safe and conforming products in the most time and cost efficient means possible.