Are you a new Bonanza owner or do you just need a flight review and IPC?   Do you want to build up your confidence and comfort level in your Bonanza? Contact Kevin for your initial or recurrent training in your A36, F33A, A36TC, B36TC, or late model V-tail Bonanza.

As a ABS BPPP instructor Kevin’s Bonanza training follows  the American Bonanza Society Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program curriculum, making you a more knowledgeable and competent pilot.  This in turn increase your safety, confidence and enjoyment of your Bonanza.

You’ll learn:

  • Flying characteristics of Bonanzas, recommend airspeeds and configurations for all phases of flight
  • Tips and techniques for reducing pilot workload from preflight, take-off, cruise, approach and landing.
  • Handling inflight emergencies and abnormalities.
  • Your Bonanza systems – including your aircraft’s specific equipment – i.e. Turbonormalizer, EFIS, GPS, etc.  Kevin’s own Bonanza is a turbonormalized A36 with a dual Aspen EFIS.
  • Engine management covering both lean of peak (LOP) and rich of peak (ROP) operations and how to use your electronic engine monitor.
  • Autopilot and flight director operation.
  • Cross country flight planning, including tips and techniques for fuel management and weight & balance management.
  • and much more!

The training is tailored to your specific needs, experience level and aircraft:

  • Initial training usually requires 4-5 hours of classroom and 5-6 hours of flight training.  Additional flight time to master complex avionics and fly additional instrument approaches can be scheduled.
  • Recurrent training is more heavily weighted toward flight with a shorter classroom review.

It is recommended before training at you complete the ABS BPPP online pilot training courses to maximize your Bonanza knowledge and training experience.

When you complete the course and you’ll earn a Flight Review endorsement.  If you’re instrument rated and perform to at least Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards you’ll also earn an Instrument Proficiency Check endorsement as well. You’ll also earn a course completion certificate and, if requested, a letter to your insurance carrier detailing the content of the course.

Call or email Kevin today to schedule your Bonanza Flight Training Program!