Already a pilot, but need to work on currency or proficiency.  Kevin can help with as well.

Flight Review

A flight review (previously called a biennial flight review, BFR) is a review required at least every 24 calendar months. The flight review consists of at least 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour in-flight with a qualified flight instructor.

FAR 61.56 specifies that the review must include: (1) A review of the current general operating and flight rules of FAR 91; and (2) A review of those maneuvers and procedures that, at the discretion of the person giving the review, are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate.

A flight review is not a test. It is an opportunity to review the latest changes in regulations, practice some maneuvers you probably haven’t done since you checkride and ensure that you are a safe, proficient pilot.

When Kevin conducts flight review it is typically 3.5-4 hours evenly split between ground and flight instruction. When the review is scheduled, you will be assigned some simple homework that usually involves some flight planning and completing a simple FAA Wings Course. We can tailor the flight review to your specific aircraft and training needs as well.

Instrument Proficiency Check

An IPC is a comprehensive evaluation that follows the ACS for the Instrument rating. An IPC that goes well will probably require 2-to-3 hours of airplane/simulator time, and 2 hours of ground instruction.

The ACS requires one precision approach and two non-precision approaches. One of the non-precision approaches must be partial-panel.