Yesterday, I flew to Stearman Field (1K1) in Wichita, KS to fly with Tom Turner of the American Bonanza Society and complete my check flight to become an ABS BPPP instructor.  The flight went great as Tom posted on Facebook:

Congratulations to Kevin Crozier of Austin, Texas, who today became the newest BPPP flight instructor. Kevin owns a turbonormalized 1981 A36 he flew up to Wichita for his BPPP instructor standardization flight. He is a software engineer with experience developing avionics, and an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). Kevin is a superb communicator and a highly enthusiastic flight instructor. He has been teaching using the BPPP syllabus for some time and wanted to earn BPPP instructor credentials so his students can earn a completion certificate when they fly with him. “I love to teach flying,” he said, and it shows. Welcome Kevin Crozier as the newest BPPP flight instructor.


I am proud to join the BPPP instructor ranks and look forward to helping Bonanza pilots fly their amazing machines safely and efficiently.

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